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Edaran Vitacat started since 2008, the idea to venture into pet food product rose when the founder of the company visited a pet food factory in Thailand . The mega company is a OEM for various famous cat food brand that imported into Malaysia.

We noticed and realized that the ingredients used for the fabrication of cat food includes poultry meat and meat by-product namely pork, chicken etc.
As a muslim, we are aware that the ingredients used in the cat food process must be Halal. We also belief in Fardu Kifayah where we have to provide an alternative choice for muslim consumers, but to grasp the technology used is almost impossible. But God willing after a short visit to Dubai, our founder met a person who did cat food process to cater his 120 cats.
With the same home made formula and the assistance from our researcher veterina and MARDI , we have developed our own proper blending techniques to ensure that the optimal levels of protein, fat, fiber and moisture are achieved. Our valuable finding is the tuna fish essence enriched with omega 3 and 6 and regarded the usage of poultry meat and also meat by-products needless.

From home based industry we grew up into a medium scale of industry and export oriented company. Our products are available locally in hypermarkets such as Giant, Tesco, Carefour, Mydin, Jusco and UO.Apart from that we are in the final phase of negotiating with  We also export to Brunei, Iran and Cape Town. Our products also receives great demand and support globally and have up till now, two dealers located in Dubai and Cape Town distributing this Malaysian product.

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