Antitick Flea Drops for Cat & Dog




Vitacat Anti Ticks & Fleas drop is a solution for ticks and fleas problem. This solution will diffuse and disperse into the blood vessel within 24 hours upon applying between the cat's shoulder blade and the neck.


The blood will be poisonous only to the ticks and fleas thus terminating all the ticks and fleas on any part of the cat's body that feed on the cat's blood. One bottle of 1ml can last up to 6 weeks per cat.


Vitacat Anti Tick and Flea drop should be used as a flea and tick control programme that needs a committed continuous application.


After 24 hours, you may obviously notice that your cat is free from excessive scratching which is a sign that eradication of fleas and ticks is in action.


This product contains 10% of FIPRONIL and it is not an insecticide that needs a poison license. Avoid using on nursing queens and sick cats.