Dry Cat Food




 AVAILABLE 500 G, 1.5 KG & 8 KG 


Vitacat dry cat food is a concoction of rice mixed and tuna oil extract. This is our valuable finding formula from our researchers and government expertise.


This prodigious formula is a breakthrough and revolution in cat food production. We manage to replace from conventional usage of poultry meat & meat by product into tuna oil extract which is halal and healthier since no preservative is needed to preserve the poultry meat & byproduct.


With our protein maintaining at 30%, it is in the same par with other overseas premium cat food, but nevertheless our price is still economical and are contented to maintain it.


In near future somewhere in the first quarter of 2011, we will introduce a new seafood flavour, based on mackeral fish oil extract, therefore the consumer can expand their range of choice.