Why Choose Vitacat?


Today,a wide selection of cat food brands are available in the market be it from hypermarket shelf to sundry shop that sells loose pack by weighing.

Some brand even claim that they are from overseas such as Japan,Hong Kong or Korea, but the reality is most of them are from Thailand,one
of the largest cat food production country that produces more than 10,000 tons monthly. Mostly their products are exported to third world countries and also developing countries including Malaysia. But very few are exported to countries like Australia,Europe and even Singapore.

Today, many brand floods the Malaysian market because Malaysian consumers lack of consumer awareness attitude, as the result many cats
suffer from the aftermath of the food consumption where kidney problem is among the main concern.


To make the problem worse, several trading company, wholesaler and importer smuggles the cat food product without getting permit from the state veterinary department. Although there is no customs tax are imposed and the pross to obtain the permit is less than 2 days, they are reluctant due to the fact that the Malaysian veterinary department requests  a Health Certificate from the producing country,and a sample of cat food to be sent for laboratory testing.

By shunning the acquirement for a permit, the responsibility of the cat's health is loaded onto the hand of the cat owner.

In VITACAT PET PRODUCT , we contemplate pets and their needs inspire the development of our cat food innovation. The blended formula from UAE together with the formula from our very own researchers coupled with the final fine tuning from government experts grasps the notion that our formula is the most fitting.

Without using chunks of meat & meat byproduct that inevitably require massive quantity of preservatives, the cat food being fabricated is more natural along with the implementation of back-to-nature-formula. the result on cats are amazing, the kidney is healthier and the dropping reeks less.

Recently in our R&D, we use wild Bengal cats and Canadian mountain cats as our benchmark to produce a more nutritious food that consists more probiotics. Since  those breeds are hyperactive in nature therefore to produce the suitable food to suit their needs will be a cornerstone in producing a cat food that suites all breed of cat.

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